In a creative, supportive setting, Frameworks for Change allows individuals and teams to explore their issues, examine how they relate to others, and how people interact with them. The structure of the simulation encourages participants to share openly, practice active listening skills, and develop tolerance, respect, and caring for one another’s processes.

The Frameworks simulation challenges each participant’s willingness to:

work responsibly in a team.

  • ask for what you really want.
  • get involved and participate fully.
  • learn in a group.
  • release patterns of acting and thinking that are restricting growth.
  • let go of outdated answers, structures and forms.
  • explores alternatives.
  • take appropriate risks.

Duration: 2-3 days according to group size.

Size: Teams of 3-12 play on a table version of Frameworks for Change. Groups of 12-24 play a large floor tile version of Frameworks for Change.