Frameworks for Change is a versatile, multi-purpose simulation that assists teams in getting to the root of unresolved business issues. It provides a creative and supportive setting in which individuals can examine their responses to their working environments and reshape non-productive attitudes into opportunities for clarification, commitment, and higher levels of performance. The Frameworks process works with participants to maximize the result of any project.

Participants start by describing goals that activate the growth potential of their team. During the game they receive instant, precise, and impartial feedback in their team settings allowing them to build new behavioral models in real time and refine them successfully by applying ‘course corrections’ as required. This approach gives individuals a unique insight into their influence and interdependence on others, as well as the extent of their involvement, flexibility and contribution in a group.

Frameworks for Change quickly identifies key factors that promote or limit progress of individuals, their team, or the organization. Valuable talents can be enhanced and areas of weakness reduced as participants discover constructive ways to clear obstacles and reach their goals.

As a training tool Frameworks for Change? Seminar provides:

  • thorough assessment of underlying issues impacting team dynamics and the organization as a whole.
  • realizations of untapped capacities for growth and development.
  • balanced pictures of individual, team, and organizational strengths and weaknesses.
  • road maps to transform limiting attitudes and behaviors.
  • closer alignment of personal values, team vision, and day to day work.
  • improved working atmosphere: increased trust, respect, and cooperation.

Every square on the Frameworks ‘Work Track’ initiates a sequence of dialogue and activity providing participants with first-hand opportunities to learn about the complexities of team building. The text of the Frameworks for Change cards target a wide range of issues and stimulate personal reflection and conversation, helping participants to re-evaluate their assumptions and expectations and move forward with greater clarity and effectiveness.

Frameworks for Change provides a lively platform for in-depth team interaction. The fast moving, exciting, and open-ended structure keeps participants engaged and interested, stimulates discussion, and facilitates the learning process. Participants work in small groups and pairs, and also receive individual coaching from skilled facilitators accredited by InnerLinks Associates.