Training and Certification

  • 8 one-to-one telephone sessions over 3 months
  • Practice assignments with clients
  • Tuition fee of $2900 includes the FCP kit, manuals, study papers and workbook

The purpose of this training is for you to learn about all the aspects and applications of the Frameworks Coaching Process, FCP. We want you to understand how the FCP works, learn how best to facilitate the process, explore a variety of personal and organizational applications, and develop comfort in using the FCP with clients.

During the training period you will be able to review the ways in which your professional and personal values, beliefs, and attitudes align with your actions. You will have a hands-on experience of the process that you will be offering to your clients. You will be able to get in touch with insights very quickly, receive immediate feedback, and put your realizations directly into action. The process will jog you out of thinking in ways that are no longer appropriate or effective. The FCP will help you engage with your intuitive coaching capabilities by catalyzing creative solutions you may not have thought of, and expand your facilitation skills using this model.

We have designed the FCP training for coaches worldwide. It fits into eight telephone sessions – each is 1.30 hrs. In addition to committing to the tele-training time and reading the course material, you need to work with several individual clients, one or two group clients, and one or two small teams who are willing to be your FCP volunteers.

Practice assignments are scheduled with volunteer clients between each phone training session. These are evalutated to ensure effectiveness. In this way, we review your progress and priorities regularly.

Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake, originators of the Frameworks for Change Process, teach this training. Certification to use FCP in their work is given to participants who successfully complete the training within the required time frame.


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