Founders Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake are the originators of Frameworks Coaching Process, Frameworks for Change®, Intuitive Solutions®, the world famous Angel® Cards and Angel® Cards Book and The Transformation Game®.

Kathy and Joy established InnerLinks Associates in 1980 as an avenue for their shared vision and the inspiring results of their collaboration with spirit and one another. They have conducted product research internationally with organizations and teams from diverse backgrounds in corporate and academic settings. They are based in Asheville, North Carolina, where they continue to develop and direct leading-edge training and coaching programs that demonstrate the importance of personal creativity, accountability, and authenticity in the change process.

Mary Inglis is a long-term faculty member of the Findhorn Foundation and managing partner of InnerLinks UK. Mary leads courses worldwide in personal development and creativity and has worked with The Transformation Game for over twenty years.

We lived at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland for many years. Our work reflects the risks, rewards, and responsibilities of living a spiritual lifestyle in the everyday world. We have extensive experience in the design, development, and delivery of spiritually based processes that strengthen personal integrity and catalyze change. In addition to offering a range of self-reflective tools, we direct a variety of professional training courses that are beneficial for individuals, small groups, large conferences, and retreats.

Our workshops, trainings, and products help individuals, groups, and organizations to increase their understanding of interpersonal dynamics, strengthen their willingness to work in partnership, and handle changes proactively with boldness, expansive thinking, integrity, and respect.

Our approach uses two sophisticated simulations that emphasize intuition and personal accountability in the decision-making process. The Transformation Game® addresses issues on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual playing levels. The Frameworks for Change® simulation and the Frameworks Coaching Process (FCP) assist individuals and teams to explore and reevaluate challenging workplace situations and express their creative ingenuity. The Frameworks methods pinpoint practices on individual, team, organizational, and global levels that are influencing performance and offer fresh approaches for continuous improvement.

Each InnerLinks program provides the exceptional clarity that is typical of experiential learning. Participants receive precise feedback, learn how to approach situations responsibly, and develop action plans they can take to improve their personal and/or professional effectiveness.

Our aim is to share our innovative talents, knowledge, and international facilitation experience with individuals and organizations committed to ongoing exploration, learning, and constructive processes of change. In this context we see ourselves as coaches, consultants, and colleagues.