Frameworks® Coaching Process

The Frameworks Coaching Process (FCP) is a simple and valuable method for creatively exploring innovative solutions to challenging situations in the workplace. This revolutionary coaching tool allows you to work with clients in a quick, deep, and impactful way.

You can use the FCP to help your clients:

  • Learn how to apply intuition to their decision-making process.
  • Discover new strategies to solve persistent problems
  • Generate creative individual and group solutions
  • Improve team communications and collaboration
  • Build on individual and organizational strengths and values
  • Manage difficult changes and challenges
  • Learn ways to sustain individual and organizational performance improvement
  • Realize the benefits of personal accountability
  • Align individual and group values
  • Accelerate the creative process for bringing ideas to market
  • Shorten the cycle for generating new streams of revenue

We live in a time of unprecedented change. In order to navigate rapid changes successfully, we need to shift focus from the difficulties generated by change to the solutions we are able to create and the new directions we are willing to implement.

Intuition is everyone’s natural gift; a powerful resource that assimilates data beyond our logic for greater creative decision-making. In a culture that stresses the importance of analytical thinking, people sometimes forget that they have this inner source of wisdom and insight. Whether searching for solutions, looking for new directions, or seeking clarity of vision, the FCP will help your clients reevaluate and reframe their decision making process to include their intuitive sense.

In a group setting the FCP provides a creative forum for teams to take a closer look at current challenges, generate solutions for implementing constructive change, and explore new ways of moving forward. The process rapidly identifies cognitive, behavioral, or attitudinal factors that are promoting or impeding team progress. The method encourages individuals to communicate clearly and directly, practice active listening skills, and develop tolerance, respect, and empathy for one another. It reinforces important personal values and encourages teams to model them in their workplace.

The FCP, originated by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake of InnerLinks Associates, consists of three sets of cards designed to uncover and pinpoint key factors and resources impacting the client’s view of any issue. Clients randomly choose cards with a clearly framed intent. The FCP instantaneously identifies underlying dynamics and stimulates their intuitive capabilities revealing creative solutions.

Developed originally as part of the Frameworks for Change simulation, the FCP is a stand-alone coaching tool you can use with individual clients or in small groups. While the FCP cannot make the changes for clients, it can support them in expressing their creativity, imagination, and power to make choices that will help them achieve their desired outcome. Clients gain immediate insight, encouraging them to make decisions in harmony with their values and integrity. They can then develop an action plan to improve their effectiveness, productivity, and satisfaction.

InnerLinks Associates offers certification training in the Frameworks Coaching Process for coaches, consultants, trainers, leaders, and professionals who want to expand their facilitation, tools, and skills using this model. The training covers step-by-step instructions for using the FCP with clients and explores a variety of applications.