Pinpoints the underlying causes of challenges and develops a restructuring plan.


Highlights grey areas and unspoken expectations that prevent full collaboration. Provides valuable insights about the cultural climate. Facilitates a clearer understanding of how to work together more effectively.


Assesses the extent of personal involvement in team dynamics. Measures the gap between knowledge, understanding, and application.


Identifies strategies which empower people to be part of the solution. Offers skilled individual coaching. Defines the optimum outcome. Assists the development of personal competencies and accountability. Enhances the environment for change.


Maps the complex and delicate matrix of relationships within the team. Highlights latent assets and liabilities in partnerships.


Speeds up changes. Provides immediate, accurate, and impartial feedback. Catalyses the growth and implementation of new action plans. Removes obstacles to successful teamwork.


Revitalizes the spirit of the team and organization. Encourages intuition and creativity. Identifies common vision, values, and purpose. Brightens up the work environment. Demonstrates inter-dependence.


Explains how mindsets and beliefs influence results. Increases sensitivity to different cultural perspectives. Reinforces the concepts underlying successful teamwork. Models a balanced approach to problem solving. Fosters a continuous learning environment.