Frameworks For Change is a unique vehicle for identifying and remedying the issues that prevent teams from operating at full potential.

The Seminar creates a proactive forum where participants can examine their assumptions and expectations individually and also from a team perspective, discuss challenges with a skilled facilitator, and exchange feedback in a supportive setting. This helps participants view their issues from a broader perspective bringing deeper meaning, connection, and insight to individual and group objectives.

With a remarkable degree of accuracy, impartiality, and speed the process pinpoints the hidden factors that may be undermining their efforts. As it highlights latent talents, it also facilitates a deep personalized understanding of the principles that are essential for successful teamwork.

Frameworks for Change illustrates how the diversity of individual strengths, weaknesses, and contributions can combine to form a much stronger team that can transform limitations that are inhibiting progress.

Facilitating work groups from a variety of backgrounds, we have found that participants experience the following benefits from the Frameworks for Change Seminar:

Individual Benefits

  • Clarify goals, values, and career path.
  • Explore issues of concern.
  • Strengthen self confidence and trust.
  • Examine beliefs and identify values.
  • Learn how to approach situations responsibly.
  • Apply intuition to your decision-making process.
  • Stimulates intuition and choice.
  • Receive valuable personal feedback.
  • Change non-productive habits.
  • Realize the benefits of personal accountability.
  • Receive encouragement to continue.

Team Benefits

  • Spend quality time with colleagues.
  • Maximize strengths and talents of everyone on the team.
  • Clear up misunderstandings.
  • Identify habits that prevent the team from functioning more effectively.
  • Gain a clear picture of how you and others operate within the team.
  • Strengthen involvement and caring in one another’s process.
  • Improve team communications and collaboration.
  • Exchange ideas and insights.
  • Cultivate team rapport, receptivity, respect, and creativity.

Organizational Benefits

  • Recognize shared values, objectives, and setbacks.
  • Discover glitches and areas of unclarity in the infra-structure.
  • Generate group solutions for handling difficult changes and challenges.
  • Transform limitations that inhibit development.
  • Build on organizational strengths and values.
  • Network with participants.
  • Create a lighter and more harmonious work atmosphere.
  • Increase commitment and support for organizational change.