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And it’s hard enough to win one game, let alone multiple games, so the books love to book all the parlays they can. Parlay bets must include at least 2 bets and all the “legs” of the parlay bet must win in order to cash. If any leg of the bet loses, you lose your original stake. When you are considering a parlay bet, the parlay calculator shows you the amount of the potential payout determined by the number of bets and the value of each bet. The more bets you include and the bigger the underdogs, creates a bigger potential payout, but decreases your odds and increases your risk. Again, always bet responsibly and never more than you can spare.

Long Odds

The amount of a winning parlay wager will appear in the box next to Parlay Payout. As I mentioned above, if you’re using Betdaq or Smarkets exchange you can leave the commission rate set at 2%. If you’re using another betting exchange, change this figure accordingly. This includes checking over the calculator to ensure you’ve entered everything correctly.

It is ideal for predicting how much a winning parlay will return so that you know exactly what to expect from your online sportsbook. However, you can also use a parlay calculator even before you have placed your bet. That will let you see what the potential profit is Australian Racing Bet Types & Calculators before you make the wager. Our parlay calculator allows you to quickly calculate the payout of your parlay bet. Simply enter your total bet amount then fill in the moneyline odds for each leg and the total payout will update automatically. When it comes to gambling on sporting events, there are many different types of bet you can place.

How To Use The Betting Calculator

The payout for a three-team parlay bet is determined by the odds of three selections. In the examples below we are going to presume we have wagered $100 every time. We will provide the odds for each selection and tell you what the bet would payout if you grouped them together as a parlay bet compared to if you bet on them individually.

Futures markets are long term bets, such as who is going to Win the Superbowl or become the next NBA Champion, as examples. You use a bet calculator to know exactly what to expect back from a bookmaker. Our versions, also take into consideration Rule 4 deductions. A Rule 4 happens when a horse is withdrawn shortly before the start of an event and after the market and the majority of bets have been placed.

Horse Racing Payout Calculator

Let’s say we’re in a gambling mood but all we have to play with is one simple six-sided die. In this case, we’ll just wager bets on what number the die will show after we roll it. Finally the template tells you how much money should you put into each stake. Just try different odds from different agencies to get the most out of arbitrage betting and find the best combination which will maximize your profits.

In this scenario the whole industry stands to lose if the favourite wins, and this does happen quite often. If you want to find the best UFC fight night bonus or want a great loyalty program, we can help you find a sportsbook that meets your needs. Our online sportsbook reviews outline important criteria we personally look for when choosing an online sportsbook. There are some excellent opportunities for UFC bettors, especially for U.S. players that have a broad range of options available to them. Online sportsbooks are a convenient way to bet on UFC fights onlineand can provide great perks, depending on where you sign up.

GoliathCalculatorA ‘Goliath’ consists of a 247 bets across 8 selections – 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 56 trebles, 28 doubles, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds and one eight-fold accumulator. At least 2 of your selections must win for you to get a return. Super HeinzCalculatorA ‘Super Heinz’ consists of 120 bets across 7 selections – 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 doubles, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds and 1 accumulator.

Our matched betting calculator is designed with this in mind no matter which bet type you select. No matter which bet type you pick, the lay bet calculator works out the exact outcome for either a bookie win or an exchange win. In a smaller scale, the same thing happens with the Over/Under markets. It’s easier to understand that it stands for the total numbers of goals/points scored in a game, but when it comes to deviations, things become tricky and many bettors avoid them altogether. Take the under 2.75 goals option for instance, it has three possible outcomes.