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Joy Drake For 40 years, transformational facilitator Joy Drake has bridged the subtle worlds and everyday life. Her dedication to the service of the planet led her to the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and the co-creation in 1978 of the original Game of Transformation® and the Angel® Cards – inspiring tools now beloved around the world.

Joy facilitates Alchemy of Transformation workshops and individual SoulCollage® sessions, as well as large-scale Planetary Games that bring clarity, insight and healing to areas of global challenge and change and provide a vision and blueprint for the way forward.

Joy’s teaching style is open, welcoming, clear, grounded, and fresh. “I love bringing people into new spaces, helping them access their own untapped wisdom and discover new beginnings.” Joy is a Findhorn Fellow and author of Soul Infusions (Lorian Press, 2015). InnerLinks Associates, the company she co-founded in 1986, has trained and accredited over 1,000 Transformation® Game Facilitators in 44 countries.

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