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Firms that have strict and sneaky rollover requirements should be avoided like the plague. Should the odds drift to 6/1 at post time, best odds guaranteed ensures that you are paid out at the better odds of 6/1. Likewise, if the odds were to shorten to 4/1, you would be paid out at 5/1. Not everyone, including the residents of Connecticut, have a horse betting park in their immediate area.

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It is a strategy that at first instance appears to go against the very basic principles of gambling, but if used properly, can ensure profits over time. Gambling statistics show that only 1/3 of favourites actually end up winning a race. Say for instance you see two horses with odds prices of 9/1 and 4/1 and you’re prepared to wager £15.

Before you start, it is essential for you to know how to bet on a horse. This implies understanding the different bet types, which are covered in the next section. To become familiar with the process, 2 times Charge Betting Told me there are some respected sites that offer special betting, where you can have a virtual Bet Slip and bet on virtual races at no cost. This is perhaps one of the easiest and fastest ways to start learning about online horse betting and all of the options that can be enjoyed. You must pick the two horses that will finish the race in first and second place, but in no specific order.

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“And if we can see the same sort of movement with sports betting, that would be good. You can select more than one horse per race, but it will cost you per combination If you have more than one selection in a winning leg, your payout will multiply out by how many winners you have. Superfecta allows you to choose horses and finish the race in exact order. It gives you the chance to choose four horses that will finish the race in First, second, third, fourth in the exact same order you have selected. The minimum bet in Superfecta is 10 cents, which make it more lucrative.

If you want to watch the race and it’s not onTV – and you have no desire to get glammed up and head over to the courses, the live streaming horse races might be the thing for you. There are plenty of great betting sites that are perfect for live streaming horse racing. You can choose to add money into your account, bet on the race and watch as the action unfolds. Because it has proven to be more popular than ever, and it’s growing all the time. Unibet, Bet365 and William Hill always offer great live streaming services. Handicapping for thoroughbred racing can be very useful, so be sure to check out the various horse racing tips.

All that’s left for you to do is pick one site from our list , join it, claim the bonus, and start making bets! Sports betting sites usually have a wide variety of bonuses on offer. From the ubiquitous welcome bonuses, through cashback bonuses, all the way to loyalty programs, there’s a lot you need to know. In this bet, you simply need to pick the horse you think will win the race.


PlaceIf you are placing a wager for Place, the horse you picked has to finish the race in either first or second place for you to win your bet. The term ‘Dutching’ means to back more than one runner in a race. Essentially, you are making a bet that no horse in the remainder of the field will win the race.

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Horse race betting has been fully legal in Canada since 1969, and you can still place horse racing bets today. Bonuses and promotions are the staples of modern online sports betting. Sportsbooks are constantly trying to outcompete each other, and the only way to truly succeed in this endeavour is to offer the best bonuses.

It’s important to know what these terms mean when it comes to betting on a horse. If you’d rather pick a horse based on what you’re seeing rather than it’s listed odds, these words will help you all the more. Futures represent outcomes that are still far off on the horse racing calendar. The best example of horse racing futures occurs in the lead-up to the Kentucky Derby, and these are posted before the final field is set. Though the Kentucky Derby can only be run between a maximum of 20 different horses, the futures lines posted at most overseas bookmakers have 40+ ponies to choose from. Half or more of these won’t even make the Run for the Roses, meaning that you’d lose the bet if you pick a horse that doesn’t make the cut.

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